Sitcoms and Traditions

So while I'm thinking of things to do while I'm in this state of being a housewife-donya, I depended on watching sitcoms. There's the traditional classics like Friends, Fraser, and Seinfeld. Then there's the more current ones that have seem to been getting a lot of "they'll be the next [insert classic here] show". The current ones are The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, King of Queens, etc. But one thing these sitcoms all have in common is that they make such a big fuss about keeping traditions.

Whether it's a holiday tradition, a tradition to show their "bond", a tradition of an inside-joke, or well just any kind. These sitcoms have ingrained in society that keeping these ways is important because of how we all grow with it. Then in time, we see ourselves in the shoes of others because somehow, the tradition lived on just how it was back in the day. Only this time, in younger eyes.

So this pressured me and my husband. Should we start making traditions? We are after all, a family. The basic unit of a family, a husband and wife. Should we start listing down what we should be doing for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving??? Even for our birthdays, instead of it being special, we ended up strangling ourselves because we didn't live up to what we expected ourselves to be. Talk about pressure. We were separated for almost 2 years and now that we're together, we got married. We ended up comparing ourselves and what we used to do 2 YEARS AGO! Talk about pressure. I would say something like, "It's just it's our first birthday together after 2 years". He on the other hand would say something like, "Before, I had a car. I could take you anywhere and celebrate. I could even take you to hotel buffets and fine dining restaurant." Even though we'd remind each other, "it's the thought that counts" the more we wanted it to be perfect. We wanted it to be something worth repeating.

We finally gave up. Instead of pressuring ourselves with "this year, we should....", we ended up with "this year, we did this. so you want to do that again next year?" HAHAHA. We figured, we're such a young couple to be setting "traditions". Even if as a dating couple, we lasted 7 years, we're basically on our baby steps with being a "married couple".

Time to make new history and just watch the sitcoms while we're at it.


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