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Recipe: Sylvanas

Round them up for the New Year! It's tradition to always prepare round/circle-shaped food items come the holidays, especially in a New Year celebration. So this was a fairly easy decision. Why round fruits or food? Because they signify the close of the old year and promise a new cycle for the next. Also, because they resemble money - specifically coins for abundance, success, and prosperity.  I've always wanted to make Sylvanas. When Carl and I were preparing our Christmas menu, I was done scribbling our apps and mains on my notebook. I asked Carl what kind of cake or dessert he wanted me to make so that I could do it already and that's when he suggested, "why not Sylvanas?!". Done .  If you don't already know, I grew up around pastries because of my Mom. She would bake and bake and if you received a carrot cake, you were special. Other than the cakes she'd always bake, she'd also keep buying pastries for us to snack on. The ones I remembered most were

Recipe: Prime Rib Roast

We were never a turkey household. Prime rib for the win. Prime rib all the way.      I never owned a meat thermometer, by the way. I compute in my head and decide when I smell it's ready. So far... it's been accurate.  Luckily, we live so close to our grocery store. And luckily again, their beef is just sooooo delicious. I don't even think the word "delicious" gives it justice. We've tried a lot of butchers and groceries here and we're just so happy with the quality of beef we get from Real Canadian Superstore. It's milky, succulent, tender, and just so drool-worthy. Every time we get a craving for beef, we don't even think about it anymore. Even if we've already gone to another grocery for our loot, we'll still pass by this one just to get their beef. Easy because it's an extraction - grab the beef and make a run for the counter.  The first Canadian Thanksgiving we celebrated here, I cooked Duck a L'orange. It was good... but it di

Recipe: Dark Chocolate Pavlova

Move over fruit cake!  (No  offense to anyone who loves making or eating fruit cake 😂) When the holidays call for beautiful. I think by now you've realized my love for dark chocolate and berries. Yes, they are an institution in my culinary selection. Their marriage is unparalleled and time (and agreeing tastebuds around the world) has definitely solidified their union.  When I was younger, I've watched Nigella (Lawson) whip up these magical-looking desserts accompanied with the awe of her British accent. I was just so drawn to her cooking. Every time we'd go to a bookstore, I'd check out her books. And one in particular, "How to Be a Domestic Goddess", I'd cling to and just stare at the pages. I think Mom saw me staring one time... so naturally... she gave it to me as a Christmas present. I was in full-on panic mode because I just wanted to make everything in it. I've ALWAYS wanted to make a pavlova. Making meringue (or any dessert needing air incorpo