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Netflix and Chill

Spent the whole day watching Netflix in our comfies. When I'm alone at home I usually just watch Suits. This time, since it was a Sunday and Carl was home, we watched a whole array of films. Inside Out, Midnight in Paris, Clear and Present Danger, and some cartoons and tv shows. Naturally, we'd fall into the pit of watching Friends.  It's funny how watching old films bring back chunky, funky technology. The white and bulky personal computer, the wireless flip phone, the antenna on the cordless phone, and the floppy disk. What 10 years can do.  Maybe in the next so and so years it won't be Netflix and Chill anymore. Netflix and Live?

Cars and Roadways

Yesterday I tried to drive... For the first time in 3 years and for the first time in Canada. (psyching myself before moving to the driver side) We scheduled our car for an oil change and got a loaner car while waiting. In my head, I knew it was an automatic. So on our way home from the dealership, I asked, "This is an automatic right? Can I try to drive it?" He said sure but I asked if we could do it near where we lived (with less traffic). So I was psyching myself the whole car ride home. We finally made it near our house and he directed me to where we can switch places. I got in, adjusted my seat, the steering wheel, and the mirrors. Everything seemed to be in order. Then I asked my second question, "Which is the brake? Left or right?" I obviously didn't remember. Might as well ask and look stupid rather than speed and think I was stopping. So I started the car. And I drove. And I kept driving. I missed the feeling of being behind the wheel. The id

Gym Boyfriend?

Every day I workout and this is composed of some elliptical and swimming exercises. Also with my core exercises. And every morning, there are the usual suspects with me. The silent man in a baseball cap on the treadmill, the cleaning lady who's been so warm and nice to me greeting me every morning, the old chinese couple that practice their dance routine without a care, and the old Indian couple that try so hard to push themselves in all the exercising equipment. Then there's this old fella (I'm guessing he's Greek or... Bostonian). He's always there swimming silently and always observing. His routine is always to swim first and then jacuzzi for about 10-15 minutes. The first few times he would just say "Gu'd mawnin'" to me. Until one time he said, "Gu'd mawnin' dahlin'". I thought that was sweet. The past week, when he was finished with the hot tub and ready to leave, he said, "See ya later, babe!" That was a plea

New Year Again

People often pressure themselves too much with the concept of a new year. Another set of 365 days to better yourself. Making promises of better health, better outlooks, and basically better versions of themselves in any way measurable. This usually fades the following month. Poor February. Always just waiting for the 14th to act as an excuse once again. I'm never one to fulfill resolutions. I'll start them and end up disappointing myself for the following weeks ahead. Start a diet? Start a 1-act-per-day? Start a journal? Start a regime? And everyone else on the same bandwagon immediately lost and pondering again come mid-January. One thing I do wonder about is how other people can bring the same negativity in the New Year. A lot is at stake when you vow to yourself to do something drastic and dramatic. But if you keep it small and work on the little things first then maybe they can be something great in the end. Like removing hatred or anger. Carrying this burden