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Health, sofas, and growing up.

Lately, we've been juggling some serious age-appropriate problems. A mortgage, a car, utilities, health, furnishing our condominium, storage, life insurance, and all that. I can't imagine how one person can do this all by him or herself and also have a child to take care of. Baby steps I guess. We all have to grow up some time. The other day, I miscalculated. I made a boo-boo when I was studying our expenses. We were going to give a gift that required a big enough amount. I thought I had that covered. It was a no-brainer because that was for someone's health. So why think twice right? Money will come and go and I thought I had enough. Well, lo and behold --- negative balance. I totally forgot to about our other scheduled payment because it was so recently added. Blanked out of that one. Good thing there was  a pinch of savings left behind to cover for our monthly expenses. My gosh that stressed me. We were supposed to go and take a trip Halifax. Then that changed