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a start

I've had this blog for a while now. But I always wondered how come I never filled it with content. Even just filling it with my empty thoughts to pass the time. I never really understood why. Although, now I think I have a clue. I think I needed to be in the starting line to actually get something rolling. As simple as this blog may seem, I couldn't really fill it when I was in the middle of unfinished business. We go through this life with lots of bumps, corners, and road blocks. But that's not to say you can't ride over a bump. You can't curve and avoid the corner. Or, you can't just pick an open road instead. Yes, we do have to deal with these. But after that, you can breathe and decide to start again. And after that, there's that feeling of weight literally being lifted from your shoulders. Well, I choose to remove that weight. I choose to move forward, lighter, and happier. I have been told by a few who think knew better than me about my own life. O