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young and wrong

I hate it when you're right but since your age dictates a certain social standard, a certain way of thinking, despite of your position, despite your maturity regardless of your numerical value, you're wrong in the end. I know it's something we all should learn and that there are still some things that need to be learned through time and experience. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that if you're young or younger, you're instantly wrong. If you're not wrong, you're labelled to be rude. I just don't think it's fair. It doesn't give you an excuse to be right either just because you're old. What if, WHAT IF, you're just wrong? And the only way to solve it is to lower that pride and sincerely apologize. It's hard. But that's what you expect the younger ones to do anyways, right? Apologize when you're at fault. So why not make an example of yourself? It's frustrating.