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Typical Nomad

It's funny how when we were in high school, we had these notions of what we were going to be and what our classmate would end up as. We'd make all these assumptions that the "not-so-famous" girl would end up in a dead end job and that the "famous barkada " had and will always have it all. We even got into bets  on as to who would get pregnant or get married first. During our graduation send-off, the prediction about me was that I'd be married with 30 children while running a successful catering business. My good friend's prediction was that she would always be a nomad, jumping from one place to the other. Some things did come true, well at least a portion of it. I ended up getting married early. I ended up learning how to cook professionally and even doing some catering events. I also ended up teaching how to cook. But no, I did not (or have not) accumulate(d) 30 children at the moment. And I think that I ended up as the nomad. Now, my feet a