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Health, sofas, and growing up.

Lately, we've been juggling some serious age-appropriate problems. A mortgage, a car, utilities, health, furnishing our condominium, storage, life insurance, and all that. I can't imagine how one person can do this all by him or herself and also have a child to take care of. Baby steps I guess. We all have to grow up some time. The other day, I miscalculated. I made a boo-boo when I was studying our expenses. We were going to give a gift that required a big enough amount. I thought I had that covered. It was a no-brainer because that was for someone's health. So why think twice right? Money will come and go and I thought I had enough. Well, lo and behold --- negative balance. I totally forgot to about our other scheduled payment because it was so recently added. Blanked out of that one. Good thing there was  a pinch of savings left behind to cover for our monthly expenses. My gosh that stressed me. We were supposed to go and take a trip Halifax. Then that changed

Grateful. It's a simple exercise.

Okay. I haven't done this for a while and I'm starting to fall in that hole again. Let's do this.  I'm grateful for: 1. Having a points card and reaping 2 free movie tickets.  2. Triple layered butter movie popcorn.  3. Living close to the movie theatre.  That was easy. 

Sense of Entitlement

I once glanced at a magazine page for but a second while flipping pages. For some reason, it stuck. "Your sense of entitlement is your greatest downfall." I agree.  Once you feel that sense that you deserve more, that you need to spend your money to feel good, that the world owes you back...  It will impact and destroy you in ways you didn't even think of before. Jealousy. Anger. Hatred. Indifference. All of these surface because you think you deserve better. If not the best.  One child was born with a silver spoon. Thinking that because the parents did so well, he did well as well. That because his parents were successful, he too carried the honour as if it were his and walked the same red carpet as his parents did. He forgot. THEY worked hard. THEY made a name for themselves. THEY set up the family name and business. Not him. Never him. And yet his sense of entitlement grows for respect, for success, for something THEY saw as a goal and not him.  Onc

#blessed (gawd)

In my dilemma, a suggestion was made to count my blessings and see the little good things. Let's give this a shot. Like 3 things at a time.  Thankful....  1. I slept in warm fluffy bed and woke up beside my husband.  2. We weren't late for mass today. 3. Getting pancakes and hot chocolate for breakfast.  Guess this is doable.