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Waiting Game

I have no idea why when I tell people that I'm not doing anything and that "I'm waiting", they seem to have the idea that its the dream thing to do. Like I'm living the life. I've been waiting for almost a year and a a half now. I had to go back home and continue waiting here. Not earning, just spending. It's such a pain to think of. I don't even want to see anyone anymore now. Why? Well, I'll need to spend again. And I don't want to anymore. In my stay/visit here to Manila, I've had to pay for my own food, my gas, even some repairs, and even had to treat others out. Ummmm... Diba nga I'm the visitor? Diba nga I'm the one not working? Ano ba?! I am reminded of the life I left a year and a half ago. The only difference was I was working. I have only been treated out by my mom, mother-in-law, and manay Kring (who also is a visitor). But I've been out with so many groups of friends. I know I shouldn't assume but if this is th