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Recipe: Apple Crumble Bars

When you don't want to make a whole pie but still want to fill that craving.  A couple of weeks ago was Canadian Thanksgiving and my Tita (aunt) and her family went apple picking the day before. She gave us a whole lot of apples and I really wanted to make something of it. And since it's autumn already, this made for a very welcomed treat to have with this nice fall weather.  Generally, I don't prefer apples as a fruit to eat fresh. Like if there were a fruit basket in front of me, I wouldn't pick up the apples. I just find it very starchy, it's hard to bite into, and well.... boring. I lean towards berries as my fresh fruit personal preference and selection. I'd only eat it apples fresh if I had some caramel to dip it in. But because we can cook apples, yesssssss. I'd definitely prefer eating baked or cooked apples altogether. So since I wanted to use these all up, and I didn't want to make a whole pie, I made some bars instead. I also especially like d

Travel: Rome, Italy

Rome wasn't built in a day. We couldn't walk it in a day, either. We tried our damnedest, though! April 23, 2019. The day my little feet took me to see the splendour of Rome and conquered 27,139 steps (... with the help of 2-3 pain killers I took throughout the day). WHATTTT-AAA-DAAAY.  After our short stop at Siena (you can find that blog post here,  Travel: Siena, Italy ), we went straight to drive off to Rome. We returned our van rental at the Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport and took another serviced van to our temporary home in Rome. What a beautiful home it was! Fist bump to my sister-in-law,  Camille  for finding this gem for our accommodation.                  We had to rest up for the next day so we didn't wander off anymore that night. Tired from the drive as well, we knew we had to save up our energy for a full day of activities.  Bright and early (we couldn't go super early as we initially planned because we were just so tired already), we set out and wa