Travel: Rome, Italy

Rome wasn't built in a day. We couldn't walk it in a day, either. We tried our damnedest, though!
April 23, 2019. The day my little feet took me to see the splendour of Rome and conquered 27,139 steps (... with the help of 2-3 pain killers I took throughout the day). WHATTTT-AAA-DAAAY. 

After our short stop at Siena (you can find that blog post here, Travel: Siena, Italy), we went straight to drive off to Rome. We returned our van rental at the Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport and took another serviced van to our temporary home in Rome. What a beautiful home it was! Fist bump to my sister-in-law, Camille for finding this gem for our accommodation. 
We had to rest up for the next day so we didn't wander off anymore that night. Tired from the drive as well, we knew we had to save up our energy for a full day of activities. 

Bright and early (we couldn't go super early as we initially planned because we were just so tired already), we set out and walked to the Fontana di Trevi so we could dodge the flood of tourists. After, we headed straight for the Spanish Steps and then did a little shopping at the piazza and also picked up some decadent tiramisu from Pompi as well to eat later. We got the Classico, Banana e Cioccolato, and the Pistacchio. Talk about treat! I'd walk that way again if only to get these again! We had enough time to walk around the Piazza Navona, the Pantheon (but not enough time to go in, though), and go back home for a quick drop and rest. 
Our tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine started at 2PM. Oh how my little legs struggled to get up those gladiator-sized steps. I constantly needed my husband, for literal support to help boost me up some steps. 

Maura, Maura, Maura.... (our delightfully animated Devil-Wears-Prada slash Cruella-De-Vil tour guide) lead the way. The WHOOOOLLLE way. I could hear her to this day, "Every day, every day, every day! Romans no preserve nothing! They take-a the gold from the walls. They make-a colosseo like a lasagna, layer and layer and layer!" It was equally entertaining and educational to listen to her and watch her go. And go she went! Everything around us was just overwhelming. 
Knowing the fate of the gladiators and walking on the same stones, the animals they shipped from everywhere for entertainment, the innovative Roman who thought of filling the arena with water to stage an epic sea battle, the exclusive boxes for the elite, and the grand display of love of self, country, and power. How fortunate we are to have been able to experience this place.

A couple more thousand steps, we toured the grounds of the Roman Forum and the Palatine. And we were famished! We felt like gladiators and needed to carbo-load, and we did at Pizzeria Luzzi. 😉 We also had a few gelatos throughout the day.  We went back to the Fontana di Trevi to take some night shots too. No doubt, we were done when we got home (Carl didn't even make it to the room). 
The next day (April 24th), we had our scheduled tour of the Vatican (and I'll save this for another post, it deserves its own). 

When in Rome, you eat, live, and drink like kings. For all its grandeur, beauty, splendour, and history, your were truly amazing, Rome. Thank you. 

Here are some more photos to take you to Rome, Italy. 

The following photos were taken the next day, April 24th, after our Vatican tour. When in Rome, roam.
(And hands-down, best Cacio e Pepe I've evvvuuurrr had.)

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