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Doctor's Clearance

I had my second assessment last Monday and I was cleared to go back to work on March 1st. Both happy and sad, very mixed emotions. Yes, I'm happy for my progress and that I'll be able to work again. However sad because I'll miss how it was and the people that provided me company during my progress. I'm also very scared. Scared to go back to work - back to the stress, the constant reminder I'm a subordinate, and the politics of it all. That alone can cause anyone their health. Moreso, I'm scared that because of work, all this that I've worked for in getting better might come back. I fear that transit alone is stressful to my body. I'm not asking for a car, hell no. It's not needed and it's just not in the picture right now (although, the Jeep Renegade really did dig a deep hole in me since the auto show). Anyways, I've been going through my exercises and routine this week, business as usual. When I was swimming, I told my gym boyfriend I w