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Friday the 13th - Our Civil Wedding (05.13.11)

Girlfriend for 7 years. Fiancee for 7 days.  I worked in Australia in 2009 and went back to Manila in December of that year. Carlo left to immigrate to Canada on February 2010. I was only able to save enough money to visit him by May 2011 for a 2-week vacation.... I never went back to Manila.  And my name actually became a thing where I worked, "Don't pull a Luzee". (Vacation then impromptu wedding.) We've been long-distance internationally for a little over 2 years. And even when we lived in the Philippines, he was in the southern part of Metro Manila while I was up north. I arrived in Canada on May 3, 2011 to visit my then-boyfriend of 7 years. It actually felt funny when I was saying goodbye to my parents to get on my flight to Canada. Mom and Dad were teary-eyed and I didn't know why. They just kept saying, "Enjoy your time! We love you!" but it felt like they were saying goodbye to their little girl. Parents' intuition like they kne