Travel: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I'm lucky enough to have a sister and her family in Nova Scotia so I have a reason to keep visiting this beautiful escape. (Plus, I get to spoil my nephews like crazy! Sugar-loaded Tita in town!)
Because Canada is so big, it's actually more expensive to fly to Halifax than to fly or drive to the US from Toronto. (I know, right?) We've always wanted to make the summer or autumn drive from Toronto to Halifax but this literally takes 18 hours non-stop. So, this will definitely have to be a 5 day vacation, at least.

Coming from busy Toronto, Halifax really does have a serene effect. It's quiet and calm, the scenery is amazing, the sound of the water from the docks is very soothing, the little shops are quaint and very pleasant, and it really... just smells pure and clean. Like the air smells and tastes clean. Speaking of tastes, it's a must that you have their seafood. I'm already drooling thinking about it. My sister spoiled me and I had one of the best deep-fried clams, scallops, shrimp, and fish and chips ever! The batter was so crisp and the seafood was just... sweeeeet. It was sweet and succulent (I swear... I might end up ordering delivery soon if I don't stop thinking about these.) Oh! And make sure you also try their Donair - it's addicting. If ever I travel to Halifax alone, this is the only request of Carlo for me to bring back.

These are some places we were able to visit: Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market, Halifax Harbourwalk, Downtown Halifax, Garrison Brewery, Halifax Central Library, St. Mary's Basilica, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic (this has the Titanic exhibit - you have to visit this), Peggy's Cove (this is a bit of a drive though), Mic Mac Mall, Liquid Gold (I only included this because it was very memorable - I got to taste so much olive oil and it was GOLD! Truffle oil and Butter oil for the win!), and Eastern Passage.

If I could, I'd love to visit every year. I miss them already.

Here are some photos to take you to Nova Scotia.

(relax guyz... it's rootbeer)


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