Gym Boyfriend?

Every day I workout and this is composed of some elliptical and swimming exercises. Also with my core exercises. And every morning, there are the usual suspects with me. The silent man in a baseball cap on the treadmill, the cleaning lady who's been so warm and nice to me greeting me every morning, the old chinese couple that practice their dance routine without a care, and the old Indian couple that try so hard to push themselves in all the exercising equipment.

Then there's this old fella (I'm guessing he's Greek or... Bostonian). He's always there swimming silently and always observing. His routine is always to swim first and then jacuzzi for about 10-15 minutes. The first few times he would just say "Gu'd mawnin'" to me. Until one time he said, "Gu'd mawnin' dahlin'". I thought that was sweet. The past week, when he was finished with the hot tub and ready to leave, he said, "See ya later, babe!" That was a pleasant surprise. Then earlier this morning, when he finished his whole routine, he says, "See ya t'morow, pumpkin!" Hahaha.

I think I have a workout boyfriend. I've always joked about being eye candy for either the elderly or the middle easter market. Lo and behold. My charm seems to be exuding too much again. And it doesn't help I'm in a bathing suit. Lol.

(Nope, not him. That's my husband.)


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