Cars and Roadways

Yesterday I tried to drive... For the first time in 3 years and for the first time in Canada.
(psyching myself before moving to the driver side)

We scheduled our car for an oil change and got a loaner car while waiting. In my head, I knew it was an automatic. So on our way home from the dealership, I asked, "This is an automatic right? Can I try to drive it?" He said sure but I asked if we could do it near where we lived (with less traffic). So I was psyching myself the whole car ride home.

We finally made it near our house and he directed me to where we can switch places. I got in, adjusted my seat, the steering wheel, and the mirrors. Everything seemed to be in order. Then I asked my second question, "Which is the brake? Left or right?" I obviously didn't remember. Might as well ask and look stupid rather than speed and think I was stopping.

So I started the car. And I drove. And I kept driving. I missed the feeling of being behind the wheel. The idea of controlling a machine to act as you direct. It felt good and I wanted to keep driving.

After going around the secluded areas and around the parking lots, I wanted to try the open road. I was allowed but very well guided. I had a patient and very understanding instructor, my husband. He reminded me of the signals, the blind spots, the mirrors, and the lanes. I was more concerned with the speed limit. Going over it and being subject to question, that I didn't want to experience. Only problem was I forgot to keep using my signal lights. Obviously, that habit stuck from my driving experience in Manila. Tsk tsk. Must omit.

It felt good. I've forgotten how much I loved driving. Even through the busy and packed streets in Manila. The side roads and the chaos of everyone else being just inches apart from your car. Here now, I'll need to get used to the rules. To being a safe driver. To being part of a system.


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