New Year Again

People often pressure themselves too much with the concept of a new year. Another set of 365 days to better yourself. Making promises of better health, better outlooks, and basically better versions of themselves in any way measurable. This usually fades the following month. Poor February. Always just waiting for the 14th to act as an excuse once again.

I'm never one to fulfill resolutions. I'll start them and end up disappointing myself for the following weeks ahead. Start a diet? Start a 1-act-per-day? Start a journal? Start a regime? And everyone else on the same bandwagon immediately lost and pondering again come mid-January.

One thing I do wonder about is how other people can bring the same negativity in the New Year. A lot is at stake when you vow to yourself to do something drastic and dramatic. But if you keep it small and work on the little things first then maybe they can be something great in the end. Like removing hatred or anger. Carrying this burden won't get you anywhere. So at least this, try to work on it.

I don't want to promise anything. But I do want to try being kinder and more understanding to others. I've realized that last year had so much negativity it pulled me down with it. Not such a great feeling. So this year, I'll just try to always be grateful for what I have. Try to understand where people are coming from. And just genuinely extend kindness in every way possible. This is after all a new start. Nothing big, just small steps. 


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