Sad Song. Beautiful Commercial.

There's a new McDonald's commercial on TV. It's about how the restaurant's been there filling the history of people. It showed how friendships were built, how relationships started, and how life does go by but still, the restaurant remained the same. It's one of the best commercials I've seen. Not a lot of drama, gimmicks, but just a strong message of "being a part of something". Obviously, watching this brought me to tears. And the good kind. The title of the commercial is "Flashback".

The best thing about the commercial is the music they used. It seemed nostalgic yet modern. So when the song finally hit that side of my brain labelled L-S-S, I decided to look it up. With only snippets of lyrics, Google did the rest.

The song was Older Brother by Pepper Rabbit.

As I read the lyrics, the more I cried. It didn't send out a message of joy or bliss. It was actually a song about a suicide. It was a song about a friend talking about his friend who he considered an "older brother". If you read it, you'll understand. Here they are.

We both sat, on our beds, in my room.
And we talked about what was coming soon.
All the pink powder wont cover up what we did.
Doing wrong when, we were just kids.

And I think that you're the older brother,
that I never had.
I wish I could reach out and touch you.
Dont worry, i'm not sad.
I know you're just where you want to be,
and everyone's a hundred grand.
Save some space for me,
and say hello to your dad. 

I will look after your sister I swear.
I'll write to her when she's lonely, and send it off in the air.
I will keep her safe, until i'm dead. 
She'll always have a place to rest her head. 

You dont have to worry about it now,
you dont have to live with that frown.
I will hold your memory close to my chest,
though I wish you hadn't said it was best.
Could you have stayed just one more night,
for all of us to say good bye.
But i'll love your troubles and i'm gone,
you still feel so damn warm.


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