No Problem

My husband and I were complaining once. It was cold, it was windy, and well.... the bus wasn't coming at all. We were waiting out in the cold for almost 20 minutes and it seemed a hell of a lot longer with mother nature scolding us and slapping our faces with her ice cold wind. So, I ended up getting irritated with us. That all we could muster up in this situation was more negativity.

So we decided to think of the worst and this wasn't it. We decided to say, "no problem". Having making ourselves believe that we weren't having any problems, we then decided to come up with diva problems. Since I AM a donya and my husband, obviously either a don or a jardinero-affair, we came up with "beat my problem!". In a very diva way, we'd have to express our problems out of being rich, elite, money magnets, spoon-fed, and well, basically spoiled and well-off. Of course, which of us having the better answer to, "So, what's your problem?" would win the dialogue match.

Him: I can't decide if I'll wear my Bulgari or Armani belt to go wash the car?
Me: Hhhmmm.... I'm just not sure if our puppies can eat caviar. I just want them to taste it.

Me: Imagine that, every day, we're picked up from our house, brought to where we want to go, and always with a different driver daily! I can't even remember their names to send them thank you cards!
Him: I can't remember sitting and driving the same car. I've lost so much coffee mugs because of this!

Him: It's humid and my hair will get ruined. So much for my $800 hair treatment. Oh well. I'll just have to schedule another one.
Me: It's humid?!? I need to change bags. Michael Kors doesn't go well with nature.


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