Moving Cheese

It's hard enough to decide on your own when you need to move on. But believe me, it's harder to watch someone you love decide to not move on at all. Even if you know it's not doing the person any good, yet that person believes that whatever is happening is because it's fate and that's how life chooses to treat that person.

I was once in that intersection. Not such good streets to be in. I was stuck. I was thinking of whether or not I should take the jump. Without thinking, I took it. Then after a few full moons, I was stuck again. It got me thinking whether or not my first decision was right at all.

My sister bought a book before, "Who Moved My Cheese?". It was always in the hallway and I never bothered to pick it up. That was around 3 years ago. When I was walking in the library last month, I suddenly remembered the title and looked it up. The whole book didn't take me an hour to read. I just kept flipping through page after page. It was an easy read. It was a tool. It was there for a purpose.

Now I don't know why I even remembered to read that book. It wasn't in the "recommended reads" shelf, nor was it in my book list. But when I read it, it was easy to identify who I was. I was a combination of Haw and Scurry. When I see an opportunity, I acknowledge it. Then after, I either grab it straight away or I study about it then grab it some other time. Either way, I know that opportunity is waiting and when you say "YES" to something, doors will open too. It doesn't have to always be a great door but at least you've opened a new door.

Reading the book also made me realize that I'm surrounded with Hems. It's hard for these people because they wouldn't even know that they're in trouble because they don't want to move on. They believe that whatever they're doing is correct and that things will get to them no matter what. And it's tiring. It's tiring to see and be with people like this. Especially if you love these people. Because no matter what you do, what you say, what you suggest,..... to them, "moving cheese" is just an idea. Instead, their cheese will arrive no matter what.


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