Boredom Bucket List

You can't imagine how bored I am now. I sort of dread to sleep because I know I'll wake up in about 5-7 hours only to decide whether I'll sleep another 2 hours. Then once I've finally decided to wake up and take a bath, I just cook and clean and well.... wait for my husband to get home so that we can sleep again.

(this was how blank I felt)

I know, I know. I should find other things to do to occupy my time. But seriously. How much can I do? Of course if I had unlimited resources, it would be easy. (What am I babbling about? I'm a DONYA! OF COURSE there are unlimited resources! Let's just look at it as......) If only I had a bored-mate that we can hang with each other and talk to each other, then maybe I won't be so bored. Now I know how it truly feels like to be a Donya. Everything is done for you and well.... you just have to sit pretty.

Other than laying and sitting pretty most of the time, here are some of the things I've already done to take up my time and feel productive. I call this my Boredom Bucket List. It didn't bother me before when they mostly didn't have check marks on them. But now? I think I'll have to start thinking of other things.

My Boredom Bucket List:

  • take some short courses on food safety
  • go to a new part of Ontario
  • try that cottage thing all Canadians are raving about
  • try to learn French
  • walk at least 3 times a week
  • try a different route every time you walk
  • go to the library and get a card and borrow like hell
  • take the train and ride from the end station to the other end station
  • get lost in the city, downtown
  • create new recipes
  • try to learn how to make a website
  • lose weight! or at least learn how to. hahaha.
  • scout around schools in Toronto to seek as an option
  • try a different cuisine every time you eat
  • watch a new TV series that's not so popular (like Friends, How I Met Your Mother, etc.)
  • go wine tasting
  • go to Montreal and just take pictures
  • sing videoke on-line or in a bar
  • try to learn those on-line gaming shiz
  • write a book on.... cooking or newly wed life
  • create a wedding website
  • plan our Philippine wedding
  • look for the best food shops in town
  • learn the subway and bus system in the GTA
  • make a food business just in case we win the lotto and we can fund it already
  • try that RAW or WHOLE food diet regime
I think I should start adding some more. Why? Because I've done EVERYTHING on this list other than those that I've formatted BOLD. great. I need to look for other things to do and well.... It's killing me already. 

If boredom killed a person, I'd be one of them.


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