Travel: Maui, Hawaii, USA

One of our friends told us that Maui had magic in the air. It did
I have my uncle and aunts to thank for introducing us to this beautiful place. 
And, I think "beautiful" was an understatement.
[Side note: when we finally confirmed we were going to Hawaii, Carlo and I immediately watched Moana and Lilo and Stitch on repeat just to get that mahalo vibe goin' on. Carry on.]

It was right after Thanksgiving back in 2018. The plane ride alone got us excited because the flight attendants had flowers tucked in their ears, and the napkins and food packaging, they all had a Hawaiian vibe to it! Even the video safety instructions were done on beach, on a canoe (like in Moana), with flower lei, and with a really mesmerizing hula dance (Shakira, their hips didn't lie too). The moment we got out of the plane, it just smelled sweet, creamy, and salty. You could taste pineapples, mangoes, and coconuts in the air.

Carlo and I spent 4 days here and that clearly wasn't enough. My family stayed a few days longer. We didn't have a set itinerary, which we LOVED. Every minute, every hour, we just went with the flow. And THAT was a vacation. The only things that were set were a morning snorkel and an evening luau. We were told that if you spotted a beach, you could go and enjoy it. There was no such thing as “private beaches”. So we went to beach, after beach, after beach. Until we got hungry and had to eat (again) and order mai tais on repeat.

We had the mandatory shaved ice and we welcomed this cool treat under the sun. We visited the lavender fields and I swear, I wanted to bring home every product they had. I only bought a bottle of room spray and body oil (Why, Luzee?!). Carlo also had a moment when he finally realized his Spam musubi dreams. My gosh. 🙄 I couldn't talk to him AT ALL. I was clearly white noise.

Then we went on our snorkelling trip. This was just breathtaking. We got on the dock at the break of dawn and the sunrise was just peaceful and majestic at the same time. We went for the boat ride with the salty air blowing and tickling our faces. We ventured on to Molokini and snorkelled. All the beautiful and graceful fish swimming around us. We even got to see a sea turtle! Of course, all this swimming required some napping and eating after. We just had to try everything - poke, fish tacos, loco moco,  poi, pineapple everything, mai tai again, Kalua pork,  all the Spam, you name it! 

That night, we then went to our first luau experience. What a high! There were dances, crafts, cooking demonstrations, a presentation, and more dancing! And the food! [moment of silence required] It was just overwhelming for all our senses. This was all done during sunset too so you could just imagine the immense natural beauty we were experiencing. The sky was showing off! Times like these, you just sit back, shut up, and admire. And I was in the company of my husband and with family. A feeling of gratitude and appreciation just sweeps you entirely. AND THEN, the shirtless Hawaiian men. I was distracted and speechless in so many levels.

Our trip to Maui left us with a high that was hard to get over. Don't get me wrong, we love living in Canada where the winters are our favourite (yes, we love the cold). But escaping to a place like this was just pure bliss. We were on full no-thinking-vacation-eat-swim-lounge-eat-again mode.

And I would love to go back, for a longer trip this time. 😉

Here are some more pictures to take you to Maui.





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