Kitchen situation.

It's been 10 years since I was a professional chef. I honestly don't even call myself a "chef". I now cook at home and I cook what I crave, what I'll enjoy eating. So I only shop for ingredients I want to work with. And since we're only 2 in this household, I buy just enough to make that recipe. We live in a 1+1 condo and space is li-mi-ted. So, even if I did work in a professional kitchen before, it doesn't mean I have the fancy-shmancy equipment at home. There's just simply NOT ENOUGH SPACE.

(our little kitchen where all the cooking magic happens... unless we eat out or order take-out)

Also, I understand that you'll want to have good quality-name kitchen tools that obviously are hella expensive. Keywords here are "want" and "expensive". It doesn't matter what brand you use if you're not making full use of it and you're not comfortable with it. Not much sense in purchasing a set of Mauviel French copper pans and Shuns or Michel Bras knives if you're not going to see some ROI or are even scared to use them.

So let's get real and I won't judge you. If you have a knife set from Walmart and are comfortable using them, they're sharp, and they're good value for your money, then I applaud you. 

As for me, I keep the basics: 
  • the essential sharp knives (chef's knife, paring knife, utility knife);
  • a good set of non-stick pans and pots;
  • select non-stick baking pans (a loaf pan, 2 cookie sheets, a 8" square pan, a 9" round cake pan, and a 12-well muffin pan);
  • wooden and plastic chopping boards;
  • strainers and colanders;
  • mixing bowls;
  • measuring cups;
  • a knife sharpener (NO - a honing steel rod is not a sharpener, it's a honing steel rod); 
  • reliable non-stick and/or heat resistant kitchen utensils;
  • a handmixer;
  • and kitchen appliances (microwave, toaster oven, grill/panini press, kettle, a Ninja, and rice cooker because duh.... we Asian and rice is life.)
[OKAY, FULL DISCLOSURE. Don't judge me, I just realized I haven't owned a set of measuring spoons for the past 5 years. Yes. I know - I'll go buy a set soon.]

I cannot begin to express how valuable sharp knives are. If you keep your knives sharp and healthy, they will serve you well. They will return the favour and help you hone your knife skills and be with you to create your dishes. 

Of course, it's your space and your cooking habits. 

This is my kitchen situation. 

Sorry, "our" kitchen situation. Because sometimes, Carlo will whip up his specialty - corned beef with caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes, and freshly made hash-browns. 😉


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