Travel: Terre Bleu Lavender Farm, Ontario, Canada

It's summer here and usually, we'd be frolicking in a lavender field by now.

I'm a sucker for lavender!!! If you've ever been to our place, mostly all the scents that will attack your senses are lavender. And even when we travel, I tend to gravitate towards lavender products. Especially room and linen sprays. It's just so calming and inviting, like a homey scent where you just want to lift your feet and relax (more like shove) the stressful day away.

One thing I love about living in Ontario is that it's sooo big so it offers so many different wonders. We could literally be a small country. There are so many different special places just a few minutes or hours drive away. Cottage country is about an hour away, Niagara Falls is 2 hours away, to chill by the lake is about 20-30 minutes away, and to get to the Prime Minister is a 4-hour drive away. I like experiencing new things and discovering new places. But just to clarify, I am not a fan of the outdoors. (Air-conditioning all the way! That's why we looooove winter.)  

Naturally, when I found this place online, we just HAD to visit it. By "we" I mean primarily "me convincing Carlo".

Terre Bleu is a lavender farm in Milton, Ontario; west of Toronto. It's about an hour drive to get there from our place. There was an entrance fee (I think that time it was $16 per adult, it may have changed by now since it's now famous). Obviously, you want to visit this farm in the summer, where the different types of lavender have bloomed and you can take in all their beauty and glory. If I remember correctly, you'll want to plan a late June-July-until-early-August visit. They're a family-run farm and all their products are made onsite. Oh the joy!

When we first got there, I was immediately hopeless in love. Butterflies in my stomach and all. What a bewitching find. It's perfect for photo-ops. All those pre-nuptial and milestone birthday photos shoots just flood your head instantly. The air smelled like lavender shortbread cookies. We roamed around the grounds, took the walking tour of how their farm operates, and we even saw the bee farm that produced the lavender honey. There was a horse-drawn carriage too... how cute. And, when you just touch the tips of the lavender flowers, your fingertips will immediately have the scent stuck on you. Oh! And in your visit, you get to choose a treat - lavender ice cream or lavender lemonade. Hmmmmm... what a welcomed treat to beat the summer heat. 

Now their shop was a whole different ballgame. Maaaaan did they put a spell on me. I was more worried my credit card would be done for. They had so many different products that I just wanted to hoard and take them all! They had shortbread, lavender honey sticks, macarons, candles, body care products, beeswax, artwork, lavender dairy, and a whole array of "I-really-need-these-in-my-life" stuff. Thank God Carlo was there to stop me from bankruptcy. I'm not one to splurge at all, I even feel guilty when I buy stuff for myself. But lavender?!? Move over!!!

And.... now you can buy their products online!!! STOP ME! Haha. Here's a link to their website so you can see what I'm talking about:

Needless to say, we've visited a couple of times. And I'd go again and again if I could.

Here are some photos to take you to this wonderful escape. 

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